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2019 Board of Directors Election

The SPJA Board of Directors election is still underway. All members registered are eligible to vote. Below is a link to access the ballot for the Board of Directors Election. To participate in the election you will need your SPJA member ID number. You can find this number by clicking on your name in the right corner of the screen under the AX logo, this will take you to your profile. The SPJA member ID number is located on your profile on the top right next to Account Toolbox it is labeled "Shiftboard Account ID". If you are unable to find your number please reach out to Membership Committee at memcom@spja.org.


This is the Link to the ballot. If the link does not work when clicked on, try copying and pasting it directly into your browser Please vote on ALL the candidates. Both can be elected.
Thank you for participating

SPJA 2019 Board of Directors Election Begins!

This notice is to announce that we are accepting applications for the Board of Directors and Membership Committee. If you wish to apply please email MemCom@spja.org and attach your resume along with any other information you'd like us to consider. Please make your submissions by Oct 11th 2018.

If you have any questions please contact MemCom@spja.org



Interested in joining our team?

Joining the SPJA team is ideal for those seeking to make a difference in a culture based community, providing not only operational support to the organization but helping to promote a positive work environment for both our small team of employees and large team of volunteers.

See our current openings Here!

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